MODE AUDIO is always on the edge of finding and implementing new acoustical and electronics technologies that brings real results to their sound system products. We never stop in improving our engineering skills and practices in order to be accepted by top sound engineers and entertainment companies around the world. We scout for the best possible acoustical building materials that would give us the advantages in both sound and construction qualities that many other sound manufactures ignore. We know and understand the importance of having and trusting your sound system’s performance day by day and so we manufacture our sound systems to do so.

MODE AUDIO collaborates with some of the most advance acoustical and electronics tech awarded companies in the EU and USA that specializes in manufacturing top quality components to our specific designs with precision and sound qualities requirements allowing us to offer top quality insurance and efficiency to our clients around the world.

We design our loudspeaker boxes from ground up using the lates in 2D & 3D software and advance woodworking joint and seal technics for strong and durable loudspeaker cabinet that will produce the purest acoustical sound waves as possible. We spare no short cuts in making sure that our loudspeaker’s construction is 100% correct thanks to our own prototyping wood shop equipped with state of the art CNC cutting machines and 3D printers.

We perform intensive testing on all of our products in our own lab and out in the real world scenarios to ensure complete full on professional sound systems to our end users.